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Function 2 (y):
Start X
Diff X
Start Y
Diff Y
Output parameters:
Hex mode
Asm prefix

Filename :

singen                                (c) 2020 mat/ESI
Functions can use standard Javascript Math functions.

You have to use x or y as a parameter - depending on
function. Functions use single variable and mixing x
and y won't get you anywhere - the unused variable is
simply set to zero.

Visualisation uses values from -1 to 1 for both
functions and 0 to 2*pi for wavelength. Both panels
are 320x200 (or 200x320) pixels and the visualisation
is 320x320 pixels.

Lissajous curve is shown for visualisation and it can
be switched (click on the area) to greyscale value for
the sum of functions (plasma-like display).

In "Animation" panel you can click "off/on" to start/stop
the animation - StartX/StartY are start values used for
visualisation, Diff X/Diff Y are increments for both
functions (all values are floats). Clicking "reset"
resets parameters to its initial values.

Output parameters are as follows:
- Function - select which of the functions you want to
- Length - number of steps in output file
- Amplitude - amplitude of the exported data
- Mode - generation mode:
  - Normalize - all values are scaled to fill the
    aplitude without clipping. If function is "shorter"
    then -1 to 1 it will be scaled up so it fills
    the amplitude.
  - Clip - values below -1 and above 1 are clipped do -1
    and 1 and reminig values are scaled so -1 is 0 and
    1 is max amplitude. If function is not "tall"
    enough exported data will also be shorter than the
  - As is - all values are moved "up" and then scaled
    so normal range fills the amplitude, but if there are
    larger values they are exported without clipping
    and may exceed desired amplitude.
- Minimum - minimum value for output - this value is added
  to all the generated values.
- Format - Hex or Dec
- Hex mode - you cen sect prefix/postfix for hex notation
- Asm prefix - you can select desired prefix for the
  output for the assembler you use. If amplitude is more
  than 8 bits you have to select 16 bit prefix. If "As is"
  is selected and values fall outside 8 bits it will switch
  prefix to 16 bits.
- Filename - file name for download.

Clicking "Generate" will put output in here and also
generate blob data into "Save" link that will allow
you to save generated table.

All parameters are saved on change and automaticly loaded
on page load/reload. If you want to reset all parameters
to its default stage click "Reset all" button.